NEW resources for National 5 Biology now available

I have added a new page for unit 2 – Chapter 15: Animal transport + Exchange systems. Please check this out to view a range of resources from videos, animations, explanations, power point for the chapter to revision tools.

As always I’m happy to receive questions or feedback.

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Please find another National 5, unit 2, Chapter  11 uploaded tonight. This chapter covers Control and Communication, more specifically nervous control and hormonal control. Again there is a plethora of resources including the chapter Power Point, homework, videos, worksheets etc.. Again study hard and enjoy! Remember if you get creative with your learning it will be more effective.  If your like what you see  why not drop us a note. Extra resources and ideas are not only welcome but encouraged.

Good Night and Thanks

Mrs Smith 🙂

New Material – Posted on site!!!!

I have taken the time to upload more material for the National 5 course.

Please have a look at Nat 5 – Unit 1 – There is now a designated page for 

  • Torrance Chapter 3 Producing new cells

  • Torrance Chapter 4 DNA and the production of proteins.

Both chapters have the lesson power points, homework’s, research/study tools, experiments, videos, songs, animations and much more. Whether you are a student or educator, I hope you find this resource useful and beneficial. If so I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you.

Mrs Smith.