14th May 2020 – Teaching during Lockdown

I hope teachers, students and parents alike are coping with Lockdown. The bad news – nothing lasts forever and the good news – nothing lasts forever” The Corona Virus will pass and things will return to normal, albeit a different normal for a time. In the meantime for both teachers and students alike we must do our best to keep education going and plod along.

I myself am finding teaching from home a challenge. I am learning new skills and acquainting myself with new technology so that I can better teach from home. As a mother of a child in Primary 1 and another in Primary 7, I have a new found respect of my colleagues in Primary education as I embark on home-schooling my two children. Home-schooling is rewarding, frustrating and difficult, especially whilst trying to work simultaneously, but it must be done. All we can do is our best.

I will continue to build resources on this website. I hope whoever needs help with Biology (such as, teachers seeking resources, parents wanting to support their children to learn from home or pupils ‘digging deep’ and making sure this epidemic does not hold back their education!) finds what they are looking for. If not feel free to leave a comment and I will see what I can do.

Kind regards, stay safe and elbow bump Mrs Smith.

National 5 Unit 1 – Update complete

I delighted to announce after some significant work, that National 5 Unit 1 part of the course is completely updated to reflect the new content made by the SQA in 2017. Each key areas contains…..

  • PowerPoint Presentation for each sub-keyarea
  • Learning Outcomes with traffic lighting for self assessment
  • Summary Notes
  • Wordbank
  • Additional revision tools
  • Videos and clips to consolidate learning.