Use these “I am cards” as a revision tool. They are a nice fun way of revising.  The idea is that each card has a question (2nd statement) and an answer to another question on it (first statement). You can start with any card and that will be the one you finish with. Take any card at random ask the question and find the answer from another card, then read the question on that card before finding the next. If you complete the task without all cards used, you’ve answered something wrong.

These can be used in several ways.

  1. Cut them out and put them in order.
  2. Cut them out and distribute evenly between your study group.

Chapter 15 I am

Chapter 16 I am

Chapter 17 I am

Chapter 18 I am

Chapter 19 I am

Chapter 20 I am

Chapter 21 I am

Chapter 22 I am

Chapter 23 I am

Chapter 24 I am


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