I will use this page to keep you updated of class progress, use it if your absent to see what you need to catch up on or if I have set any homework. Also use it to discuss lessons, science topics or to support each other with study or homework.

1st February 2013,

Hi higher biologists,

Just a quick update for those  who were absent and a reminder to those who were in class today.

We completed the penultimate chapter 23 today ‘Removal of materials from blood’. I also uploaded chapter 24 this evening, so please have this printed for Tuesday morning. We will commence the final chapter for unit 2; ‘Regulating mechanisms’ straight away and I hope to finish it next week.

As you know Unit 2 NAB is set for Tuesday the 19th Feb. Don’t leave your revision till the last minute. Remember ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. I know you all work hard so good luck with the studies.

Last thing, HOMEWORK, Mrs Smith has homework too, I will mark your Chp19 & 20, and I plan to make the last unit 2 homework (Chp23&24). YOUR HOMEWORK… Make sure you complete Chp 21&22 for Tuesday, I would like to mark this ASAP and hand out the last homework as soon as we have finished chp24. This will allow me to mark and go over it before your NAB. Giving us an opportunity to iron out any gaps in knowledge pre-NAB






    • Josh, I could answer this better if I knew which stage of study you were at. Fertilisation is defined as the fusion of the nuclei of the male sperm with the niclei of the female egg. This takes place in the oviduct of a females reproductive tract. This can of course only take place during the part of a females menstrual cycle when she is fertile (approx day 12 -16 where day 14 is usually the optimum fertility).
      Hope this helps.

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