Ch2 – Transport Across Membranes


Chapter 2 revision tools

  • Fluid Mosaic Model of Cell Membrane Structure handout – This is a diagram of the fluid mosaic model. Can you label the parts?

  • Selectively permeable membranes worksheet – This is a short cloze exercise (fill in the blanks).

  • co-op act card sort osmosis – This is used as a cooperative activity in the classroom to reinforce osmosis in cells. Individual pieces can be cut out. Pupils are then to set up three models (hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic) for osmosis in both plant in animal cells.

  • Diffusion/osmosis with gummy bears – What to do a bit of kitchen science. This is very do-able at home – why not give it a try.

  • The Osmosis Game and questions worksheet. – This is a classroom activity it can be performed coperatively or individually. You will need to cut ou 8 large circles (5cm approx) and 8 small circles (2-3cm approx). lastly you will need 10 sections of string 5-8cm. Place the sections of string in a straight line with gaps of no more than 4 cm. Follow the instructions, play the game and answer the questions.

  • Transport across membranes – summary sheet – This exercise will form a glossary for the chapter. Can you match the appropriate word with its definition?




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