Unit 3: Behaviour, Population and the Environment.

Students should have a clear understanding of the following from Standard Grade Biology?

  • The Biosphere –  Population regulation, nutrient cycles, pollution.
  • Animal Survival – Behavioural responses of animals to their environment.
  • The World of Plants – Ecosystems.
  • The Body in Action – Structure and function of the central nervous system and its sensory receptors.
  • Biotechnology –  Genetic engineering.

 Or should have achieved intermediate 2 Biology – all units.

Ch 25 The Brain

Ch 26 Organisation of the nervous system

Ch 27 Neurones and Neural Pathways

Ch 28 Localisation of Memory

Ch 29 Memory – Encoding, Storage and Retrieval

Ch 30 Factors Influencing Development and Behaviour

Ch 31 Importance of Infant Attachment

Ch 32 The Effect of Communication

Ch 33 Effect of experience

Ch 34 Effect of Group Behaviour and Social Influence

Ch35 Population change

Ch36_Demographic trends

Ch37_Food_Limiting factor

 Ch38_Water_Limiting factor

 Ch39_Effect of Disease

Ch40_Humans & Environment

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