Ch1 – Cell structure

  • Chapter 1 – Cell Structure Please click on this link  for Mrs Smith’s CHAPTER 1 powerpoint presentation.

  • Cell Structure – Homework  – This is your homework for chapter 1 or, you can use it for revision any time.

  • Chapter 1 Revision Tools

    • Cell ultrastructure card sort – Cut out the cards, mix and resort as a revision task – don’t worry if there are organelles you have not come across yet. You may miss these or you could use them as extension work to challenge yourself.

    • Cell ultrastructure worksheet – Diagrams of the plant and animal cell ultrastructure – Label the organelles, are you up for the challenge!

    • Cell race information cards       Cell race table – This is a classroom activity.However, there is some very useful information here which you can use for revision. If it helps redo the task (read the information cards and complete the table). Extension can you fill in the table without the cards???



  •  Cell parts cards    Cell parts record sheet  These are very good information cards on the basic structure of plant and animal cells. Which structures are found only in plant cells? Which structures are found in both? Use the cards to complete the card sort activity.

  • Cell parts card sort – Cut these cards out and sort them into two bundles. TRUE and FALSE!

  • Cells revision quiz – Label the parts.


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