National 5 Biology

N5_tcm4-716904   Welcome to the National 5 Biology webpage. Here you will find links to lots of resources, webpages and information that you may find useful in your revision of the course. If you find any more, let us know and we will update our site!


National 5 Biology consists of the following units:

  1. Life on Earth

  2. Cell Biology

  3. Multi-cellular Biology


Here are the topics covered in each of the three units.

As well as the 3 units  there will also be an Added Value Unit. This is required in the instance you do not pass N5 you will require this piece of work to achieve a N4 Qualification.

As part of the ongoing assessment, there will be an end of unit test for each of the three units to test your learning. These MUST be passed in order to progress.

You will also be expected to produce folio pieces at regular times throughout the course. These must demonstrate that you have covered a wide variety of learning outcomes and will be used as evidence to gain the qualification.

Writing practical lab reports is an essential skill in science. You will formally write up at least 1 experiment for each unit which again will be used as evidence to gain the qualification.

The Added Value Unit will involve selecting a topical area of Biology to investigate and research. It will also include, as part of the assessment, a supervised open book assignment based on research carried out.

And, of course, ultimately there is an exam for National 5 which will be sat during May.


2 thoughts on “National 5 Biology

    • Stem cells are unspecialised cells (This means they have not decided what cell to become yet). They have the potential to become any type of specialised cell e.g heart muscle cell, nerve cell etc. when given the correct signals by the body, or they can become more stem cells.

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