Ch4 -DNA & Production of Proteins

  • Chapter 4 – DNA & the production of proteins: Please click on this link  for Mrs Smith’s CHAPTER  4 powerpoint presentation.

  • DNA & Protein synthesis Homework 1: This is a research task: TOPIC – “History of DNA Discovery and the scientists behind the discoveries“: Use the internet to produce a piece of research you may choose the format (Essay, Poster, News Article, Powerpoint, Model). below you will find an useful video for your project.






A great way to learn about the structure of DNA is to build a model. There is lots of ways to do this, you can recycle some junk, use food like sweeties or pasta, the ‘worlds your oyster’. I have inserted some ideas below.


Why not try extracting your own DNA in the classroom. We have used, Kiwi, strawberry’s and cucumber.





PART 2  – Production of protein (Protein synthesis)



Fill in the blanks activity – Helps with the stages of protein synthesis.

Make a story board or cartoon strip – Use this to interact with stages of protein synthesis. Activity guide and instructions can be found below.

PLAY DNA AND PROTEIN ARTICULATE – The idea is to describe the word , without saying said word or rhymes with or sounds like – Easy.. But don’t take my word for it.

CODON BINGO – Why not have a game and learn how to decipher what amino acids you will make from the original DNA code – find some game templates below.



  • Each desk represents a cell.

  • –Half of the group/desk represents the nucleus.

    –The nucleus contains the DNA sequence from which you are going to make your protein.

    –The other half of the group/desk represents a ribosome within the cytoplasm.

  • One member of the “nucleus group” should nominate themselves to be mRNA. You should go to the nucleus, “unzip” the DNA and transcribe the sequence.

  • Sort the bases on the mRNA molecule into codons.

  • Use the protein decoder to work out which codon makes which amino acid.

  • Put your amino acids together in the correct sequence.

  • Have your protein checked by the teacher.

Protein Decoder Key         Template bits        Activity ppt instructions       Example DNA Sequences



EXTENSION ANIMATIONS – These animations are still useful, just remember it is not necessary for you to talk about translational and transcription for the National 5 Biology course.

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