Unit 1 Revision tools Mendelian Genetics.

Gregor Johann Mendel was a German-speaking Silesian scientist and Augustinian friar who gained posthumous fame as the founder of the new science of genetics.
Born: July 20, 1822,
Died: January 6, 1884

Mendelian Genetics and the monohybrid cross can be a difficult concept to overcome. My advice is that you practice as many examples as you can. Practice does indeed make perfect.

In your final paper you will be expected to predict either F1 or F2 phenotypes or genotypes from given information.

  • Always begin by reading the question carefully, look for clues, for example…. is the trait dominant or recessive? or are the alleles homozygous or heterozygous?

The on-line resource “The Biology Project – Mendelian Genetics” contains some really good and interesting case studies to investigate. I would absolutely recommend you work through as many problems on this site as you can, I actually found it really good fun!

The Biology Project – Monohybrid cross examples.

The Biology Project – Dihybrid cross examples.

The Biology Project – sex-linked Problem set 1.

The Biology Project – sex-linked Problem set 2.


I have also  included some other examples for your perusal.

exercise mendelian-genetics


Mendelian Genetics excercises.

Lastly here is the link for Mendel Web.  is an educational resource for teachers and students interested in the origins of classical genetics, introductory data analysis, elementary plant science, and the history and literature of science. Mendel is one of my scientific heroes, I thought you might find this interesting.

Mendel Web

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