Ch10 – Stem cells and Meristems

  • Ch10 power point  – Please click on this link  for Mrs Smith’s CHAPTER 10  powerpoint presentation.

  • Stem cells and meristems HW1   – This is your homework for chapter 10 or, you can use it for revision any time.


CHANNEL 4oD (Archived video) if you have time check this amazing documentary out – It is an excellent introduction to stem cells. – CLICK LINK BELOW


Following a vicious acid attack in 2008, Katie Piper has undergone 109 operations to rebuild her face. But it is the 110th op, using cutting-edge science, which could truly transform her life, providing her only chance of seeing again through her badly damaged left eye.

After spending three and a half years struggling to accept she would forever be blind in one eye, Katie heard about pioneering surgery that could potentially restore her sight using the extraordinary power of stem cells.



Fact Sheet 1 – What are Stem Cells

Fact Sheet 2 – Types of Stem Cells

Fact Sheet 3 – Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells

Fact Sheet 4 – Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPS)

Fact Sheet 5 – What is a clinical trial




This is a nice resource which can be adapted for use as a cooperative activity in the classroom or alternatively students use the research pack to complete the worksheet.

Stem cell research task – task card

Stem cell research task


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