Ch3 – Producing New Cells

animal plant cell division

sheldon mitosis











  •  Chapter 3 – Producing New Cells: Please click on this link for Mrs Smith’s CHAPTER  3 powerpoint presentation.

  • Producing New Cells Homework 1 

    Producing New Cells Homework 2: This is your homework for chapter 3 or, you can use it for revision any time.

  • Chapter 2: Part 1 – Cell division revision tools
  • Animal plant cell division: Diagrams which show basic cell division in both an animal and plant cells.
  • Cell Division Game: A little task to get you thinking about the importance of cell division and regeneration. There will be a conveyor belt of items passing by….Note down what you see on the conveyor belt, and put it into order of what has the greatest power of regeneration.
  • Starfish Regeneration – Cell division at it’s best – Watch this really neat clip!
  • Superhero Science: Limb regeneration: ▶ Salamanders can grow new limbs, so why can’t humans? This clip investigate the possibilities.
  • Chapter 2: Part 2 – Mitosis revision tools
  • “The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem” Leonard and Howard discuss how a Sheldon could replicate – The conclusion is MITOSIS!
  • Use the following resources to get as much practice as you can at recognising and describing the stages – The more you interact with in different ways the better you will become at it!
  • Mitosis interactive Animation
  • – This animation demonstrates the stages of mitosis in an animal cell. Use the control buttons in the upper left to run the complete animation. Click on any intermediate stage (for example, Anaphase), and see a representative still frame.

  • Various cut and stick and reorder sheets!!
  • Big Mitosis Pictures – A4 size cards of mitosis stages!

  • Mrs Smith mitosis card sort & worksheet –  The stages as seen under the microscope – Cut, order, match with stage description and finally answer the extension questions.

  • Stages of Mitosis – There is a complete worksheet and a worksheet with blanks – Are you upto filling in the blanks without the answer???

  • Mitosis cut outs – There is no description of the stages here. Can you cut them out, order and write the description yourself?

  • Mitosis_Cut_and_Stick – Cut out these pictures and stick them in the correct order to show mitosis, label what is happening at each stage in as much detail as you can. Can you explain the role of mitosis in the body. finally answer the extension questions.

  • Other activities!
  • mitosis flip book – Draw the stages of mitosis and make them into a flip book. Flip through the book to see your own mitosis animation.

    mitosis with pipe cleaners –  Mitosis models can be made at home. Use any junk you have at home such as Playdoh, pipe cleaners, string, wool, marbles. You could take a picture of each stage and make a powerpoint presentation or even better try making a movie (there is programmes such as Microsoft movie maker which will help with this). JUST ENJOY and GET CREATIVE  WITH YOUR LEARNING!.

  • Experiment – Mitosis in onion root tips – Ask your teacher (if it’s not me) to do this experiment – Even if you do not do the experiment it is worth a read. This 6 page PDF gives great background information on cell division, mitosis, has detailed instructions on how to carry out the experiment, as well as a post experiment worksheet. There are some nice calculations and problem solving activities too.

  • Additional Revision tools
  • Cell Division quiz – A powerpoint presentation – with 10 quick fire questions. How will you fare?

  • Mitosis Who wants to be a MILLIONAIRE – Another nice revision tool, you can do this as a class, with a friend, or on your own. Can you get to the £1,000,000 question. p.s Don’t use Mrs Smith as your ‘phone a friend’ as I know all the answers lol.

  • Mitosis Wordbank – There are lots of new words in this chapter – Use this word bank as a revision tool to get familiar with the vocabulary.

  • Cell Division Crossword – Use this crossword to consolidate you vocabulary further.

  • Mini Quiz – Investigating Cell Division
  • Mitosis songs and videos.
  • Chapter 2: Part 3 – Culturing cells revision tools
  • : Listen to this podcast! It discusses the importance of Biosafety!!

  • Aseptic Technique Image – From the picture, can you list precautions taken by the scientist to prevent contamination?

  • Aseptic Technique Worksheet – Fill in the precaution and reason for this precaution.

  • fermenter diagrams – This is a diagram of a fermenter can you label the parts?

  • Fermenter Scenarios – Fermenting business – Coop activity. Each of your groups have been allocated a business and product. Your task is to produce a graph illustrating the yield of  product that your fermenter is producing. After this you should describe the graph. Can you explain why production has levelled off and  how this could be overcome?

  • Videos
  • Click here This link shows :- An investigation into how new skin, for skin grafts, is grown in the laboratory. Skin cells from a burns patient, for example, can be used to grow new skin in the laboratory to repair their wounds. An expert explains how a small piece of keratinocyte, part of our skin, is grown in a culture dish to produce a larger piece of skin. This takes a few days and the new skin is attached to a dressing so it can be handled more easily by the surgeon during the skin graft operation. –

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